Jon Stein Consulting, LLC

Jon Stein Consulting, LLC.
Experienced, Business Sales Consulting


Sales Deep Dive


Sales is a science. It is a sequential process that ultimately delivers scale, profits and growth when each step is approached in Collaboration with your team and completed with care. If the sales process is strong, success is inevitable. I will help you build your sales playbook. During this process I am your Sales Operations Manager. We will develop a plan and I will help you to execute that plan. 

CRM Implementation


Having a great CRM that is implemented properly is crucial to the success of your sales team. We will find the right CRM for your company and implement so that it is an efficient & smart tool for your business. There are many CRM's out there and they are only effective if set up and utilized properly. I will help you with CRM strategy, planning, design, implementation, training & support. Bottom line is together we will build and grow a robust sales pipeline.

Mindfulness Training


Some say mindfulness is the new black. I couldn't agree more. I start each day with a big drink of "positive mental protein." A calm mind is a happy & a healthy mind. I am passionate about mindfulness. From a very early age, I have been perfecting the craft of sales and high-quality connections. Let me show you how I can help your team be more mindful and ultimately more successful.